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Category: CRSSD Festival

CRSSD Festival Spring 2017 || Phase 2 Lineup Released!

After announcing a massive lineup for 2017, CRSSD Festival Spring has added even more names you’ll love to see! FNGRS CRSSD has made a name for themselves over the past few editions of the bi-annual CRSSD Festival with stellar lineups and awesome vibes. Having already announced a massive lineup for CRSSD Festival Spring this March, the feeling of a second phase of the lineup was in the air. CRSSD has made its mark on both San Diego and the festival community in general with their picturesque location and solid music offerings during their run. Hosted on March 4th and...

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CRSSD Festival Spring 2017 || Phase 1 Lineup Released

It seems like it was yesterday we were playing in the San Diego sunshine, watching the sun set at CRSSD Fest this past October.  The good folks over at FNGRS CRSSD continue to do their best to cultivate talented performers for the Southern California city for their weekly nights at Bang Bang as well.  That said, they certainly are not resting on their laurels. Returning to San Diego’s Waterfront Park grounds which surround the historic County Administration building, CRSSD Festival Spring will touch down on March 4th and 5th in 2017! Check out our experience at CRSSD Festival’s Fall Edition...

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CRSSD Festival Fall 2016 || Event Review

The electronic music scene in San Diego is not as developed as the scene in Los Angeles, even though they are a mere two hours apart. It is only recently that the appeal for electronic music has grown and taken over this city. Thus, when FNGRS CRSSD announced their bi-annual CRSSD music festival, people clamored at the opportunity to be apart of it. CRSSD Festival Fall 2016 is the latest edition of the event, and it was definitely a memorable one. CRSSD is the only two-day outdoor music festival in the San Diego area. This time they outdid themselves. Being that CRSSD...

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CRSSD Festival Fall 2016 || The Essentials

The October edition of CRSSD Festival is upon us! Here’s your one-stop shop to everything CRSSD Fall Festival related. The time has finally come. This weekend will be the highly anticipated CRSSD Festival Fall 2016 and its sure bringing quite a large crowd! From A-list performers to an A-list venue, FNGRS CRSSD really outdid themselves this year. Here’s everything you need to have an enjoyable and safe weekend including event time, location, transportation, ticket guidelines, CRSSD Set Times and CRSSD By Day & After Dark information. CRSSD Festival Fall 2016 Event Information: Dates: Saturday, October 1st to Sunday, October 2nd. Festival...

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CRSSD Festival Announces By Day & After Dark Parties

This October, CRSSD Festival keeps the party going with their exclusive ‘By Day’ and ‘After Dark’ Parties! CRSSD Festival‘s ‘After Dark’ program of events is something that this budding festival has become known for. Not only does FNGRS CRSSD hold the actual two-day CRSSD Festival, but they have also expanded to host events at local San Diego clubs at night after the festival is over. A truly exciting experience for people to see their favorite DJs in a smaller, intimate setting and for those who also want to keep the party going. For this edition, CRSSD is one-upping themselves...

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CRSSD Festival Releases Exclusive Music In Content Bundle

CRSSD Festival teams up with BitTorrent to release downloadable content bundle filled with exclusives from Zhu, Eagles & Butterflies, Landis LaPlace and more, ahead of October date. CRSSD Festival continually brings a unique music experience for their attendees. From the astounding lineup to the vibrant downtown San Diego location, it’s no surprise that this festival continues to push the boundaries for music festivals all over. This Fall’s CRSSD Festival has partnered with BitTorrent to offer their fans a downloadable content bundle from artists that are playing the festival. The content bundle offers exclusive music from Zhu, Landis LaPlace, and Eagles...

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