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Category: Featured Interview

Featured Interview || Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate talks Groove Cruise, the Materia album, & more! Cosmic Gate, the duo made up of Bossi and Nic Chagall, have been around since the late 1990’s. With many hit tracks such as “Exploration of Space” and “Fire Wire” to name a few, the duo has continuously produced epic music throughout the years. Throughout the ever-changing electronic music scene, both Nic and Bossi have been able to stay true to themselves and to the music they create. They have been able to truly show their fans, inside and outside of the studio, that they are dedicated to the work that...

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Featured Interview || Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz talks Groove Cruise, Dakota, The Nine Skies, & More!  Markus Schulz is a legend in the electronic music scene. He’s produced music since the early 90’s and has huge accomplishments under his belt like multiple artist albums, being the founder of Coldharbour Recordings and Schulz Music Group, releasing many tracks that fans have come to love, and playing the biggest stages worldwide. Recently, rejoicing fans across the globe have become so excited to know that Markus is bringing back a side-project from years past — Dakota. With the comeback of Dakota, Markus is releasing a new album, The...

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Featured Interview || Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide Talks Trance, Anjunabeats, & Therapy Through Music! Krzysztof Pretkiewicz, known around the world as Nitrous Oxide, is not just your everyday, run of the mill trance artist. Outside of the fact that he was the first Polish DJ signed to Anjunabeats, the emotion behind his sets and releases speaks for itself. Over the years he has gained fans across the globe, swaying crowds with his sets that simply leave you stunned. Whether you discovered him through his trance releases or those from any other genre that he has produced in his career, the common theme is quality music and...

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Featured Interview || Plastik Funk

Plastik Funk Talks Groove Cruise Miami, Armada Music, & More! With long careers in the electronic music scene, Plastik Funk has definitely made their mark on the house music community. Known best for their “Bliss House” sound, this upbeat duo always brings some amazing vibes with them wherever they go! First meeting all the way back in 2002, Rafael Ximenez and Mikio Gruschinske realized their passion for electronic music and taste in music fit together leading to the collaborative effort now known as Plastik Funk. Playing in multiple countries and outstanding venues around the globe, their career has been dotted...

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Featured Interview || Arty

Arty Talks Together FM, His Fans, & The New Year! My heart was pounding in my chest at Decadence Arizona last month as the interview with Arty drew near. I have been an Arty fan for as long as I’ve listened to electronic music, so this one was big. Known for his massive tracks like “Up All Night”, “Rebound”, and “Rush”, his remixes are just as beloved by many. The moment was now, though, and it was my time to finally chat with someone I truly admired in the scene. I reached out to shake his hand and immediately...

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Featured Interview || Nifra

Nifra talks Groove Cruise Miami, Dreamstate, Coldharbour Recordings & More! Coldharbour Recordings queen, Nifra, is no stranger to production and DJing. Starting her career in 2008, she has grown to be a familiar name in the Trance scene. With hit tracks such as “Army of Lights” feat Seri, “Rebel”, and “Dark Harbour”, Nifra continues climbing to the top of the charts. On the stage, she has performed many shows including Dreamstate New York, Ultra Music Festival, Luminosity Beach, and more. When she isn’t producing epic, pumped up Trance tracks or playing to fans across the world, she works on...

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