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Category: New Releases

Paul van Dyk Releases Uplifting Stunner, “Touched By Heaven”!

Paul van Dyk continues to prove why he is the reigning king of trance with a brilliant new uplifting track, released just in time for his upcoming tour! Paul van Dyk has been on fire as of late when back in December his release of  “Everyone Needs Love” with Ronald van Gelderen ft. Gaelan and Eric Lumiere hit the airwaves. Without skipping a beat the PvD buzz spread like wildfire as it always does when the master of trance does what he does best and in a blink of an eye, we now have yet another massive new Paul...

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Topi Changes Things Up On New Track, “Swapping Things”!

Upcoming producer Topi, changes things up on his newest track, “Swapping Things”! Topi has made waves in the dance music world since he stepped into the scene. Topi is a young, 23-year-old producer from Finland. His production is best described as glitchy, robotic music that flows together melodically. His distinctive production takes inspiration from Kill the Noise, Noisia, and Feed Me. Looking up to his inspirations, he has spent countless hours perfecting the sound design in his music. His hard work began paying off within the past year when he got signed exclusively to Monstercat’s roster. Topi’s usual production...

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JayKode Tells Fans To “Roll Out” On His Best Tune to Date!

JayKode stuns listeners with his newest track, “Roll Out”! If you don’t recognize the name JayKode, you probably would be able to identify one of his numerous songs. The young producer has a plethora of hits under his belt and a good number of them are well over 1 million plays. JayKode’s most heralding aspect is his unique production. Time and time again he blends together classical melodies with aggressive basslines. In thought, the idea seems a bit weird, but once you listen to one track it all makes sense. For his newest track, JayKode returns to his roots...

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BONNIE X CLYDE Release The Impressive ‘Wanted EP’!

Bonnie X Clyde stunned the world with their forward thinking Wanted EP! The renegade duo BONNIE X CLYDE have just dropped an enormous EP entitled Wanted; leaving us the question, “where do we go from here” like their song “Bass Jam” asks. The answer? We let the bass take us away. The duo has beautifully combined heartfelt lyrics with some heavy bass drops to give us a unique perspective as to who the duo are and how they do things. BONNIE X CLYDE brings us some awesome 808 beats combined with melodic melodies and seducing vocals on this EP.  The...

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Mark Sherry Presents Outburst 500, Out Now!

In honor of Mark Sherry reaching a monumental 500 episode marker on his Outburst Radio show, it only makes sense to keep the party going with a full-length compilation album! Whether you’re a decade and a half deep into the scene or just now knocking on tech trance’s doorstep, the name Mark Sherry and Outburst Radio has without a doubt resonated with you at some point or another. For 10 years now, Mark Sherry has driven his Outburst Radio show to new heights, reaching out to a select audience that craves for something that blurs the lines between techno and trance. It should...

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